Commemorative Window – Rolls Crescent Primary School

Primary School participative stained glass project

May – July 2016

I was commissioned to design a window to celebrate the live of a beloved teaching assistant who had been at the school for a long time and was particularly close to the year 6 pupils.

I came into school and worked with the children in year six to help them think about how they wanted to celebrate and remember their teacher visually within a stained glass window. I also gave them some understanding of how a stained glass window is constructed and brought in examples. We then over two session came up with design ideas, which I worked up into two designs, and the children chose one. Whilst I made the window I sent regular picture updates to show the process to the class.

Below is the finished window and some of the process, which is in a quiet open plan area and overlooks the schools main hall.

Mosaic making: Inspired People Group

In May 2016, I was asked to run a couple of creative sessions with this lovely group of people. The idea of making small mosaic tiles with tiny pieces of glass that I had pre-cut and brought nuggets went down well. Keeping the plan to being as accessible as possible, as the group is at least 20 people aged roughly 60 and over, with a range of differing abilities, an hour and half – two hours long, with time for tea, biscuits and natter. So armed with bags full of beautiful cut glass and any other interesting shiny bits of treasure I could find I arrived to set up. Continue reading “Mosaic making: Inspired People Group”

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