Mosaic making: Inspired People Group

In May 2016, I was asked to run a couple of creative sessions with this lovely group of people. The idea of making small mosaic tiles with tiny pieces of glass that I had pre-cut and brought nuggets went down well. Keeping the plan to being as accessible as possible, as the group is at least 20 people aged roughly 60 and over, with a range of differing abilities, an hour and half – two hours long, with time for tea, biscuits and natter. So armed with bags full of beautiful cut glass and any other interesting shiny bits of treasure I could find I arrived to set up.

A most vivacious lively group of warm hearted people, listening to the ‘rules’ of health and safety not their strong point, but all safely created mosaicked tiles to take home on the second week.I had the best time fun time, laughing loads, and they laughed at me loads, always glad to be entertaining!

I would like to work with the Inspired people again.

Have a peek at the pictures.

The link below will tell you about Levenshulme Inspire and the Inspired People Group, support by Levenshulme Good Neighbours.

“The Inspired People’s Project was developed as a response to a consultation held with local older people where they raised concerns about social isolation, loneliness, frailness, mental health issues, financial issues, language barriers and relocation to a different area as a result of recent welfare changes.”

Read more 

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