New Introduction to Copper Foiling workshop

I decided to create a one day workshop for those who wanted to try their hands at Copper-foiling.

The Copper foiling technique, developed in the Tiffany Studios in the1890s, is ideal for decorative panels, sun catchers and mirrors as well as lampshades and other dimensional work. Copper tape and solder are used to create a seam joining the pieces of glass.

As a technique, it can be fun, relaxing and potentially easier to take up as a hobby from home, garage or the garden shed.

First I needed a trial group, to test the workshop on, it did not take long to find five willing participants. In May this year I ran the trial, followed by the first ‘real’ workshop in July just gone. Everyone seemed most happy with the new skills learnt and colourful glass creations to take home.

The day runs from 10 am – 3.30 pm with a short break for a sandwich. Participants are taught how to cut glass to a pattern, grind glass, wrap glass in copper foil and finally how to solder all the pieces together.

Follow link for latest dates for Introduction to Copper Foiling one day workshop

Here are some images of work made during the trial and the first workshop.


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